Who qualifies?

Only children, to age 18 and still in school, living with their parents/legal guardians and senior citizens (65 and older) who are residents of St. Tammany Parish will be adopted for gift sponsorship through STPC.

Documents Needed:

  • Valid picture I.D. of applicant
  • Original birth certificate for gift recipients
  • Social security cards for ALL household members
  • Food stamp eligibility letter or current print out (showing all household members)
  • Custody papers (if applicable)
  • Proof of high school enrollment (current report card required if child is 18 years old)

Applications will not be accepted without all documentation. If all documentation is received and verified, the applicant is automatically approved. If the application is denied, a letter will be sent explaining the denial. Also, if the family shows up on a list from another church or organization giving Christmas assistance, they will be automatically dropped from Project Christmas.