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St. Tammany Project Christmas was established in 2002 to give families in need in St. Tammany Parish a complete Christmas. Along with gifts for the children, the family receives food, including a gift certificate for a ham, or turkey to share for their family’s Christmas meal. Children are accepted for the program if their families qualify under Federal poverty guidelines.

Thousands of children and senior across St. Tammany Parish have received Christmas gifts since our organization’s inception.  We operate solely with donations of money and gifts from local businesses, churches, service groups, and individuals. You can become a St. Tammany Project Christmas Partner by adopting a child or family or making a financial donation which we will use to shop for gifts and food. Your contribution will enable us to continue giving children memories for a lifetime.

How are we different from other programs?

  • St. Tammany Project Christmas is Family Focused. For most of us, a special part of our Christmas tradition is about waking to the excitement of Christmas morning, exchanging presents and celebrating with a special meal. Project Christmas isn’t just about giving gifts. Project Christmas enables needy families to experience and share Christmas as family. Families pick up their gifts and food baskets several days in advance so their children can be surprised on Christmas Day.
  • St. Tammany Project Christmas Acts As Stewards. We facilitate funds and gifts from the community for Christmas presents and food to persons who meet the guidelines set forth by the organization. We DO NOT provide gifts. We anonymously connect the donating community to the need in the community.
  • St. Tammany Project Christmas Helps Those Truly In Need. Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating need in order to participate. Applicants also agree not to double-dip by participating in multiple Christmas gift programs. Project Christmas cross checks our recipient list with other programs. If anyone is found to have applied for multiple programs, they are removed from the Project Christmas program.